300 days to go

Father Your love is so perfect It smiles radiantly down on me Giving me hope to face the grey The desperate confusion I have crawled away from Seems only a misguided remark away Everyday I talk through the negative feelings And disengage the fear Of failure Of rejection Of hopelessness Of being alone And my … Continue reading 300 days to go

Be Encouraged

To all the beautiful black girls staring at 30 Who don’t know what they’re doing, or what to get worked up about There is nothing wrong with you I promise… You are not too picky, too ugly, too bright, too happy, too independent, too educated Nah, you’re just right. Don’t worry about changing your hair, … Continue reading Be Encouraged

Danceworks 2016

Can you feel the tense vibrations of the articulate minority? I ask because I have felt and seen their anxiety and frustration in their art. Beyond the constant hum of their work and their musings, one can feel the pent up longing for significance in their creative pieces. They appear to be constantly reaching back … Continue reading Danceworks 2016