Be Encouraged

To all the beautiful black girls staring at 30 Who don’t know what they’re doing, or what to get worked up about There is nothing wrong with you I promise… You are not too picky, too ugly, too bright, too happy, too independent, too educated Nah, you’re just right. Don’t worry about changing your hair, … Continue reading Be Encouraged

bounty of tears

that crashing sound is my heart beating against my chest that cymbal my head banging against the wall of every assumption the doubters, the naysayers, the bigots that twitching, nagging voice a constant whisper of my insecurities how do i escape your grasp? Unless I walk out on orchestra practice at high noon. Continue reading bounty of tears

Heart Pangs

I could go on and on about the requited love and unreciprocated affection So many missed opportunities and countless misused sentiments One for every year of my life Multiplied into hapless moments Too many times, loving more than I could ever be loved Holding the marks of each disappointment Bearing the sutures of pain You … Continue reading Heart Pangs

sensing someone new

my senses come alive and although reckless, they are yearning for a resting place beside you. my heart beating heavy as it waits harder than a drum to the sound of your voice I don’t know where to start or how to feel in this this moment in time marked by your wit, your charm … Continue reading sensing someone new

Make room

Cast awayOut of sight, out of mind Expelled from our remembrancethe unwanted, the undesirable Pushed to the outskirtsignored into the shadows No covering. No oasis. No sanctuaryonly scorn and abuse We have hardened our ears and heartsblocked out compassion The struggle to honor their humanityeroding our own And yet if we would simplytake a moment … Continue reading Make room

graveyard piano

Sometimes when I least expect it I see his face. My stomach still turns. I taste his lips, and smell his cologne. He would kiss me when we were alone at the piano. The mere fact I can think of it without spiraling between anger, fear or sadness… A miracle. A happiness. A peace. My … Continue reading graveyard piano

writer’s block

give me a synonym for silence –abyss? no. that’s not right. and you know it. –well, then i can’t help you. indeed you’re no help at all that’s for sure. –that’s not fair. life isn’t fair. –well, neither is this lull. –will lull suffice? no. that’s not right either. they communicate different things. and all … Continue reading writer’s block

Who Is Like You

I watch You work in mighty ways Sparking life where we were once dormant Amazed by Your marvellous deeds. Who is like You Your grace is sufficient. Where can I hide from Your awesome power Ever faithful Deliverance is Your tool Who is like You You save us from ourselves Amateur carpenters to the building … Continue reading Who Is Like You


Waiting aimlessly for that moment Of reckoning and apology That moment when I hear “I’m sorry. I was wrong. Please forgive me” It never comes And I sit here, waiting aimlessly for answers and solace and closure and peace This too never comes Continue reading Waiting

Flying East

Sometimes I close my eyes and see you. Your smell floods my memory And I feel the tears Salty. Sweet. Reminiscing My heart can’t bear this reality She keeps asking if the connection was real If she’d imagined it all And some days I am able to persuade her Many days, I cannot. Today she … Continue reading Flying East

the beat of life

that beating, thumping rhythm is a pulse it is the music of your life, your heartbeat it rocks out to the highs of your life pumps fast lulls when you’re down but you’re still here so it keeps tapping at your consciousness be more, do more run fast towards your dreams you can’t sleep through … Continue reading the beat of life

Thank You

wearing nothing but these tearsi am naked before youyou see every inch of meall my desires and hopeseverything skin deepall the details hidden beneath the scarstreasured in my heart i lunge into your armsyou are the only place i have known safetyunder the span of your wingstucked in by your sidecarried by you, my Saviorthank … Continue reading Thank You

April 22, 2013

killing me softly there are no more tears to be shed for you or for our love past, gone, lost who will cherish you when i”m gone who will love me now that you’re gone quiet we’ve discarded the best of us there is the hallow coursing pain where you once resided i cannot hold … Continue reading April 22, 2013

April 17

Feeding nightmares Chasing demons Racing towards thin Hiding behind smiles when My fears have faces And my vices are tangible I find them in food Hide them on the second shelf In the freezer with chocolate Ice cream and sugary snacks. I know my limits And exceed them anyway Watch my weight And despise it … Continue reading April 17

keep moving

you can’t let the darkness win. the sadness will consume you if you let it fight with all you have let the light through the cracks let it break down the hardness that’s found its way into your heart stop what you’re doing and speak light and life into your soul forget not the goodness … Continue reading keep moving