Be Encouraged

To all the beautiful black girls staring at 30 Who don’t know what they’re doing, or what to get worked up about There is nothing wrong with you I promise… You are not too picky, too ugly, too bright, too happy, too independent, too educated Nah, you’re just right. Don’t worry about changing your hair, … Continue reading Be Encouraged

bounty of tears

that crashing sound is my heart beating against my chest that cymbal my head banging against the wall of every assumption the doubters, the naysayers, the bigots that twitching, nagging voice a constant whisper of my insecurities how do i escape your grasp? Unless I walk out on orchestra practice at high noon. Continue reading bounty of tears

Heart Pangs

I could go on and on about the requited love and unreciprocated affection So many missed opportunities and countless misused sentiments One for every year of my life Multiplied into hapless moments Too many times, loving more than I could ever be loved Holding the marks of each disappointment Bearing the sutures of pain You … Continue reading Heart Pangs

sensing someone new

my senses come alive and although reckless, they are yearning for a resting place beside you. my heart beating heavy as it waits harder than a drum to the sound of your voice I don’t know where to start or how to feel in this this moment in time marked by your wit, your charm … Continue reading sensing someone new

Make room

Cast awayOut of sight, out of mind Expelled from our remembrancethe unwanted, the undesirable Pushed to the outskirtsignored into the shadows No covering. No oasis. No sanctuaryonly scorn and abuse We have hardened our ears and heartsblocked out compassion The struggle to honor their humanityeroding our own And yet if we would simplytake a moment … Continue reading Make room